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How a stunning discovery in Russia and seven determined Norwegian women could make it possible!

PrologueIt doesn't come in a fancy jar. It's not manufactured by a famous cosmetic company. There's no French writing on the packaging. In fact, it was never intended to be the world's most effective anti-wrinkle cream. But, if you believe the now tens of thousands of people who have used it, it's definitely the beauty breakthrough of the decade, perhaps the greatest advancement in skin repair ever achieved. Here now is the incredible story of its development, and what this amazing skin perfecting cream can do for your appearance.


Russia The city hospital, number one in Arkhangelsk, Russia, is an international leader in wound management. It was contracted by a Norwegian biotech company to test their new wound healing substance, (NBG®) on the most difficult wounds to heal, chronic diabetic ulcers.

NBG® represented the culmination of more than twenty years of research. Technically, NBG® is a long chain polysaccharide called Beta 1/3,1/6 Glucan, hence Norwegian Beta Glucan (NBG®). It's found in the cell wall of baker's yeast. Through incredible biotechnology the NBG® molecule is carefully extracted fully intact. If intact, the molecule is extremely active with respect to the immune system because of its unique molecular shape that fits perfectly into immune activating receptors.

NBG® is what biotech aficionados call a “super” substance. It's capable of several different applications within the immune system. When ingested NBG® activates your mucosal immune system which leads to extraordinary health benefits. The Russian study was conducted to determine if NBG® could topically activate skin repair cells which are a key part of skin immunity and wound healing. If NBG® could have even a slight effect on diabetic ulcers, specifically neuropathic type (non circulatory related), it would be a major medical milestone.

Wounds or Wrinkles

Wounds or Wrinkles Patients suffering from chronic diabetic ulcers were placed in two groups. The first group received daily topical applications of NBG® contained in a standard moisturizer. The second group, (the control) received daily topical applications of the best standard wound healing formulation.

By day 35, the patients in group one using NBG® experienced complete healing of their chronic diabetic ulcers! The other group showed little improvement and the experiment was stopped so they too could receive the NBG® formulation.

But something else had happened. Something that literally stunned the examining physicians. Not only had the stubborn wounds completely healed but the surrounding skin was soft and supple, virtually creaseless. The skin that had been exposed to NBG® looked different than the patients ordinary skin. It appeared thicker, smoother and wonderfully radiant.

This did not go unnoticed by the attending nurses. They immediately asked permission to try the amazing substance on themselves. Soon the entire nursing staff along with many physicians were liberally applying the wound healing cream to their faces, necks, hands, anywhere they wanted to improve. The results were equally miraculous. Old, tired, wrinkled, sun damaged skin appeared to transform itself almost overnight. But how?

The doctors conducting the wound healing study did not understand why NBG® improved the appearance of aging skin so effectively. It simply defied what was thought possible!

The lead scientist on the NBG® development team, Dr. Rolf Hansen, offered this explanation to his colleagues: “We fully expected that NBG® could activate skin repair cells. As you know they are a key component of the skin's immune system and primarily responsible for wound healing. As you also know, the patients in our study are suffering from very hard to heal diabetic ulcers, and therefore exhibit extremely sluggish skin repair cells. But aren't wrinkles like small wounds that never heal? And as such, couldn't wrinkles be significantly diminished by activating sluggish skin repair cells? It's possible that NBG® is making old tired skin act young again!”

What was certain, no skin care product has ever been able to activate sluggish skin repair cells. That might explain in large part why traditional skin care products don't work very well at diminishing wrinkles. Had the biotech company accidentally discovered a new application for NBG® that could revolutionize the skin care industry? More testing and development were necessary.

To Be or Not to Be

To Be or Not to Be It wasn't long before the biotech company's employees in Norway heard about what happened in Russia. Predictably the women and some men wanted to try the wound healing cream on their wrinkles. The problem was there wasn't much left. Dr. Hansen had managed to secure a small amount for his wife, Marit, who immediately tried it, used it up, and begged her husband for more. He had none. But he had bigger problems than his demanding wife.

His boss and CEO, Arvid Johansen, was totally focused on developing a topical wound healing pharmaceutical product that used NBG® as the active ingredient. It would be a long process that was off to a good start considering the results in the Russian study. He thought the wrinkle reducing phenomenon NBG® had exhibited was slightly interesting, but the most important point was how well NBG® had worked healing diabetic ulcers! He told Dr. Hansen in no uncertain terms that, “This a biotech company not a skin care company, and I am not going to waste valuable resources on developing a wrinkle reducing cream!” He instructed Dr. Hansen to stay on point. That would have been the end of our story had Dr. Hansen not given the wound healing cream to his wife.

When he told his wife Marit what the CEO said she wasn't happy. Marit had experienced the wound healing cream's wrinkle reducing power on herself. She was utterly amazed how quickly her appearance improved. Her wrinkles had almost vanished in a matter of weeks. Her skin felt thicker and looked much healthier. She had a plan. She knew several of the wives of other scientists that worked work with her husband. They had also seen how quickly her wrinkles had diminished and were anxious to get a chance to try the “amazing cream.”

The Plan

The PlanHer plan was simple. Her best friend Ingrid's husband, Liam, the procurement manager, had access to NBG® powder, the same powder that was used in the wound healing cream. Ingrid asked, pressured her husband to secure a small amount of NBG®. Marit had learned from her husband Rolf how many milligrams had been used in the wound healing cream which was basically just a moisturizer with NBG® added. She could buy a similar moisturizer and then have it mixed by Lars, a lab technician and husband of her other friend Elsa. Lars pretty much did everything that Elsa asked. She would then let all of her friends, seven in total, ages 41 to 62, try the new NBG® cream. If their results were similar to hers they would find a way to confront the CEO in person as a group! They didn't know how or when but they'd figure it out. Never underestimate the power of a determined wife, and in this case wives!

Remarkably, everything went as planned, with the possible exception of Ingrid's husband who secured a small amount of NBG® for the experiment. He was mortified that he would be found out. He wasn't.

Each women tried the wound healing cream on one side of their face for 30 days and took before and after pictures. The comparative results were stunning. The treated sides showed a dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. As in Russia, the treated skin was smooth, much thicker and radiant. Sun damaged skin showed the most improvement, however age spots, pigmentation issues, blemishes, and other skin problems also improved significantly. One of the wives eczema completely healed.

Shortly thereafter the biotech company was to hold their annual Christmas party. The perfect venue to confront the CEO. After a few drinks the wives in mass approached the CEO and showed him their pictures. Dr. Johansen was duly impressed but didn't show it. He was also dumbfounded and slightly angry that he had no idea what was occurring in the company he thought he was running! Nevertheless, Dr. Johansen knew what would happen to his team's home life if he refused. He told the wives he would rethink his decision to not develop a skin care product using NBG® and get back to them. However, the look his wife Trudy gave him, who was not a member of the gang of seven but saw the pictures, left little doubt in his mind of what he had to do. Dr. Johansen acted quickly.


Epilogue Within six months the wives dream came true. The biotech company produced a truly extraordinary product they named IMMUDERM®. It actually worked even better than the original wound healing cream at perfecting skin. IMMUDERM® had the same amount of NBG® but the base cream was now not just a simple moisturizer. The development team of biochemists had really done their job. They formulated a cream that contained the best active botanicals and other natural ingredients that aid NBG® in skin perfection. Some of the ingredients are in use in high end skin care products, but the teams unique formulation can not be found in any traditional skin care product.

After rigorous safety testing the scientists gave IMMUDERM® to a select group of dermatologists, estheticians, and beauty professionals to try on their patients and clients. Virtually everyone attested to the fact that they had never seen a product work so effectively at perfecting skin.

IMMUDERM® was then released to the Norwegian public and one year later the United States. IMMUDERM® is not cheap. It costs $59.95 for a 6 oz. tube, but they do offer substantial discounts and a money back guarantee. And consider this: As mentioned, you are not paying for a pretty jar or clever marketing, but rather the incredible biotechnology (NBG®) that comes in every tube. It's cutting edge science that makes the amazing skin perfecting powers of IMMUDERM® possible. The age defying results that women and men have achieved speak for themselves.

P.S. True to his goal, Dr. Arvid Johansen and his team did develop an extraordinarily effective topical wound healing salve that primarily uses NBG® as the active ingredient. It can only be purchased by prescription. It took several more years, many more studies, and millions of dollars, but it was finally approved by the Norwegian medical authorities. The gang of 7 are still convinced that IMMUDERM® would have never happened if they had not intervened. They're probably right.

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