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Night-Time Immune System Strengthening Plus Blissful Sleep

Now you can double IMMUTOL®‘s immune boosting power with our NEW night-time formula—all while you are enjoying deep, restorative sleep like you did as a child. IMMUTOL® PM contains exactly the same amount of NBG® as our original IMMUTOL® but it also contains 10mg per serving (2 capsules) of Melatonin, commonly known as the sleep-inducing hormone.

Melatonin is the principle hormone produced by your pineal gland—the tiny pea-sized structure located at the base of your brain. During daylight, the pineal gland monitors changing light levels. As darkness approaches, it increases output of melatonin—as much as 10 times higher than daytime levels and thus induces sleep. But it does more.

It’s well known that melatonin production drops like a rock as you get older. This change is a major contributor to the disturbance of sleep patterns for those over 50. What most people don’t know is melatonin is an important component of your immune system. When your body produces less melatonin your immune system can be compromised. It’s a double whammy! Lack of melatonin causes lack of sleep, plus lack of melatonin to your immune system, and lack of sleep weakens your immune system! That’s precisely why we developed IMMUTOL® PM.

Taking IMMUTOL® in the morning and IMMUTOL® PM at bedtime makes the perfect combination to strengthen your precious immune system 24 hours a day while you finally get the deep restorative sleep you’ve been missing. Not only will you have an even stronger immune system, you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel, and how much more you’ll get done when you are rested and alert.

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Immutol PM delivered. I sleep great now and wake up refreshed not groggy. A god send for me. I tried many different sleep drugs. Some worked but the side effects were terrible. I’ve been taking immutol for 6 months with fantastic results. Haven’t missed a day of work. Figure Immutol PM will give me even more protection.

Robert R. Fort Wayne, ID