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IMMUDERM® Skin Brightening Serum

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Immuderm® Skin Brightening Serum

Brightens, Rejuvenates, and Firms in Just 30-60 Days.

Immuderm® Skin Brightening Serum is an ultra-light serum designed to increase the luminosity of skin by reducing the appearance of age-related hyperpigmentation.

Clinically shown to inhibit protective enzymes that cause discoloration, Immuderm® Skin Brightening Serum brightens skin tone and slows the effects of premature aging caused by sun, pollution, and environmental assaults.

Norwegian Beta Glucan works at the cellular level boosting your skin’s ability to repair past damage, while collagen-promoting antioxidants help your skin to look and act younger.

With daily use of Immuderm® Skin Brightening Serum your skin:

  • Looks brighter and acts younger in as little as four weeks
  • Tone is evened and age spots diminish in 30 to 60 days
  • Is shielded against long-term damaging effects of UVB rays
  • Feels smooth and firm


  • Beta Glucan [NBG]: NBG initiates the skin’s repair and renewal process and stimulates the production of collagen to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. NBG boosts the age-defying characteristics of each ingredient.
  • Chromabright™ [Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate]: A newly patented molecule designed to fight age-related hyperpigmentation—a result of UV radiation—by inhibiting the production of melanin, to brighten the skin.
  • β-White™ [Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Sodium Oleate, Oligopeptide-68, Disodium EDTA]: A continuous-release, encapsulated ogliopepetide that penetrates the skin deeply to inhibit enzyme activity that causes melanin production, to even and brighten skin tone.
  • SymHelios 1031® [Benzylidene Dimethoxydimethylindanone]: An award-winning ingredient that offers cellular protection from UVB rays and guards against long-term environmental damage, and strengthens the skin’s repair system.
  • Vitamin C [Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate]: A powerful antioxidant that protects against free radical production, promotes collagen production for firmer skin, and brightens skin tone by inhibiting hyperpigmentation.


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