How seven sick salmon, unconventional wisdom, serendipity, and a beer brewery saved an economy, healed the hopeless, and changed the course of modern Immunology.

It has given hope where no hope was thought possible. People with almost every known health problem seem to benefit from it. Even the most skeptical have been forced to take a second look. However, 12 years ago no one, not even its inventor, Dr. Jan Raa, imagined that his amazing fish medicine would eventually help save the lives of so many sick humans.

At that time, Dr. Raa wasn't thinking of sick humans he was thinking of sick salmon. In Norway, farmed salmon is an enormous industry, second only to oil, pumping billions into the economy.

In 1998 salmon suddenly started dying. They were plagued with a deadly series of bacterial infections. A national emergency was declared. The most powerful antibiotics were employed to no avail. In fact, antibiotics actually made the situation worse because the infecting bacteria quickly developed resistant strains. Norway's salmon industry was on the verge of collapse!

Dr. Raa was summoned after all of Norway's leading medical experts had failed to stop the spread of deadly infections with “modern medicines.” Dr. Raa was a long shot.

Even though Dr. Raa held several graduate degrees in microbiology from Europe's most prestigious universities, his conservative colleagues thought his medical theories were completely in error, if not downright foolish. For starters, Dr. Raa didn't believe in widespread use of antibiotics and thought that most modern medicines were, at best, a temporary fix... at worst, extremely dangerous.

Dr. Raa passionately believed that all living organisms “have the innate power to prevent or defeat virtually any disease. True prevention or recovery from disease can only be accomplished by switching on this incredible power.”

In a small laboratory, late in the evening of Oct. 12, 1998, Dr. Raa fed seven extremely sick salmon a substance he had spent his entire career developing. Three of the fish were too weak to eat and died the next morning. The four who ate the substance all survived. Within a week, the four surviving salmon were completely healed and so energetic they had to be transferred to a much larger tank.

When a country's economy is at stake, good news spreads. Suddenly, investors were lining up to fund Dr. Raa's research.

The Beer Connection

The Beer ConnectionTime was of the essence! Dr. Raa needed to quickly produce at least two tons of his fish medicine, enough medicine to save millions of dying salmon. As it stood, he had only two precious ounces which he had painstakingly produced in his laboratory. It would be impossible to make the amount needed. And then the first of a series of miracles surrounding the development of Dr. Raa's incredible discovery occurred.

One of the investors who wanted to back Dr. Raa's research owned a local brewery located in the same Norwegian town (Tromsø) as Dr. Raa. Why was this a godsend? Dr. Raa's fish medicine consisted entirely of a natural substance called Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan. That's the chemical name for a molecule which is extracted from the cell wall of baker's yeast.

Yeast! The brewery was in the business of processing yeast! It had large sanitized stainless steel vats, the exact equipment necessary to purify massive amounts of yeast cell wall. A partnership was formed. The new company was named Biotec/Maximal (Maximal was the name of the brewery).

Two months later Norwegian salmon were no longer dying. Dr. Raa was very happy indeed.

Leif Healed!

Leif Healed!And so was Leif Thorenson, the first human in Norway to experience the incredible healing power of Dr. Jan Raa's discovery.

Leif had also been very sick. He suffered from a persistent stomach infection, aggravated by a nasty spastic colon, skin problems, and constant flu-like symptoms. Naturally, Leif had been prescribed enough medicines to keep the local pharmacy in business. And it was a continuing business! Every time Leif seemed to get better, one or more of his conditions always came back with a vengeance. Nothing could heal Leif, and because of that Leif was famous around town.

When Leif heard about the success of Dr. Raa's fish medicine, he was once again bedridden. The local newspaper quoted Dr. Raa, saying, “Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, can supercharge the innate healing power of any living organism.” Why not humans? Leif was too weak of course to meet Dr. Raa in person, so his wife went to the new company and begged Dr. Raa for enough Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan to heal her gravely ill husband. Dr. Raa immediately gave her a small plastic bag of Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan powder. He instructed her to give her husband one teaspoon a day which she could mix in orange juice. The powder itself did not taste bad.

After just six days on Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, Leif's energy was soaring. He no longer vomited after his meals and his diarrhea was gone. Within three weeks, all of his health problems, including his chronic stomach infection (a condition he had suffered from for years), had completely vanished. Leif was healed! Later Dr. Raa told Leif that many subclinical infections, especially gut, heart and skin infections, are almost impossible to cure with antibiotics. Dr. Raa further explained that Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan itself could not treat or heal any disease or condition. Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan helped Lief because it fully activated the most powerful healer in the world, his immune system!

Twenty Below and Still They Wait!

Twenty Below and Still They Wait!Leif's healing was big news. In no time people were lining up at the door of Biotec/Maximal, sometimes waiting for hours in the snow; braving the arctic winter (Tromsø is actually located north of the Arctic Circle!) so they too could try this seemingly miraculous healing substance. Each day at precisely 7:30 AM, Dr. Raa passed out a fresh supply of Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan to the growing crowds. And each day new healing stories would circulate.

Hilda Kristensen, 74, suffered from joint problems since her early 40s, especially in the winter. Her joints were so swollen by October that she literally lived on pain pills. Hilda loved to knit, cook, play cards and chat with friends, but it was now nearly impossible to move. Her devoted husband was kind enough to stand in line for three hours in sub-zero weather to get some of Dr. Raa's “miracle powder.”

As instructed, he mixed a teaspoon of Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan into a glass of orange juice and gave it to his wife Hilda every morning. It took about two weeks before Hilda noticed her joints were less swollen. One month later, Hilda was knitting a traditional Norwegian sweater for her happy husband. She never felt better in her life!

There were stories of tumors shriveling away, allergies disappearing, diabetes dramatically improving. Life-long ailments gone! People believed colds and flu, or any viral infection, a thing of the past. It was said that acne, sores, warts, herpes, gum disease, vanished. Most of these stories were not verified but it didn't seem to matter. After Lief's dramatic health turn around people believed that Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan was clearly a powerful healing agent. But why did it seem to out-perform virtually all modern medicines? Why were people who had conditions considered hopeless now getting better? Much better!

Fungi Held the Secret

Fungi Held the SecretRemember Dr. Raa's distrust of modern medicines? Well, it was because of this distrust that Dr. Raa devoted more than thirty years to researching the active ingredients in folk medicines... highly effective natural substances, usually derived from herbs or fungi.

Folk medicines have been successfully used for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years with far fewer side effects than modern drugs. Of all of these natural substances, certain mushrooms are considered the crown jewels of folk medicines because of their proven ability to support your body's natural healing and disease preventive power (your immune system).

Science has revealed that the polysaccharide molecules contained in mushrooms (fungi) are the primary active ingredient and capable of triggering a powerful immune response. What Dr. Raa somehow discovered was that the polysaccharide molecule (Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan) found only in the cell wall of baker's yeast, also a fungi, is the “master molecule” and capable of unleashing a massive immune response.

However, the real breakthrough came when Dr. Raa further discovered how to extract this “master molecule” completely intact, thereby ensuring the highest possible immune enhancing activity. It was a profound discovery and has contributed substantially to a dramatic shift in the direction of modern immunology.

Dr. Raa has truly developed a completely natural and safe way to literally “supercharge the innate healing power of any living organism.” From its inception, Dr. Raa's discovery has changed the lives of people who have lost all hope that they will ever be healthy again. Dr. Raa's miraculous fish medicine does indeed work miracles, and the miracles continue.

A good example is Beth Warner, 55, who suffered from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), periodic internal bleeding, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), multiple low grade infections and searing pain in her legs which could only be controlled with the strongest pain killers.

Like Leif, she had been to more physicians than she cared to remember. She hadn't felt even remotely well for years. Because of her poor health, she was clinically depressed and taking antidepressants along with her largely ineffective medications. Three months ago she started taking Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan,. Beth is now nearly symptom free, off all of her medications including antidepressants, and, like so many people who have been saved by Dr. Raa's discovery, totally grateful.

Ultimate Vindication

Ultimate Vindication Today, Dr. Raa is now regarded (even by his conservative colleagues!) as one of the preeminent microbiologists in the world. His company, Biotec/Maximal (now called Biotec Pharmacon), has grown into the largest commercial manufacturer of immune related products for both animals and humans on the planet!

Dr. Raa's original fish medicine has evolved into several renowned products. The human product is called IMMUTOL®. It contains highly purified Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan (NBG®) that is substantially more powerful. In fact, IMMUTOL® is now considered to be the most powerful natural immune enhancer in the world, dwarfing the effectiveness of products like echinacea and mushroom extracts.

IMMUTOL® is currently recommended by thousands of doctors worldwide, supported by rigorous clinical testing, and represents one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the century. So, if you suffer from the horrors of a weak immune system, which can include most health problems, help your immune system! Get IMMUTOL®! And, if you're not sick and would like to ensure your good health, there's no better way to have immunity for life than with daily use of IMMUTOL®. After all, you never know what's lurking.

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