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Pump Up Your Immune System—You May Never Be Sick Again

Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan (NBG®) —the active ingredient in IMMUTOL®—has the unique ability to strengthen your immune system by exercising it. Nothing works better. Numerous customers report never getting sick again. Here’s how IMMUTOL® works:

The unique shape of the NBG® molecule appears to your immune system like an invader. Your immune system naturally readies itself for an invasion that never happens as the NBG® molecule, after activating key immune receptors, passes harmlessly through your body. Each time your immune system is exposed to NBG® through daily use it gets stronger, much stronger, the same way your muscles get stronger with daily exercise. The key word is daily. You know what happens to your muscles when you stop exercising daily. The same thing happens to your immune system. It weakens.

Beta glucan can be sourced from baker’s yeast, mushrooms, oats and other plants. We use beta glucan extracted from baker’s yeast because it’s the most active (able to trigger the strongest immune response) of all the beta glucans, but it’s also the most delicate, and can be easily damaged through extraction, rendering it unable to trigger an immune response. NBG® is extracted fully intact because of our patented process, ensuring its ability to pump up your immune system!

Used worldwide for more than 20 years, IMMUTOL® is legendary. Trust IMMUTOL® to make your immune system battle ready for whatever comes your way.

Please note: IMMUTOL® is our foundational immune system strengthener. To get the most out of our other great products you should include a daily dose of IMMUTOL®.

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I used to get at least 3 colds every year and sometimes the flu which was brutal. I have been on Immutol for 2 yrs and have not been sick once. Got to be the best immune product ever.

— Robert S., Los Angeles, CA

Never thought my chronic joint pain was connected to my immune system but apparently it is. After just 3 months on Immutol I’m pain free. Incredible!

— Carlos S., Brooklyn, NY

I feel like I am bullet proof. I haven’t come down with anything since I started taking Immutol 4 yrs ago! Amazing because my kids were always bringing something home from school. We all take Immutol now.

— Betsy S., Milwaukee WI