Did a renegade scientist discover the ultimate natural solution for high blood pressure, inflammation, lack of energy, excess belly fat, and joint pain? Here’s what it can do for you!

It's hard to imagine that many of the most serious health problems can be reduced, if not eliminated, by simply ingesting a small amount of oil extracted from a tiny sea organism Calanus finmarchicus found off the coast of Norway,---a sea organism whose phenomenal health benefits lay Commander of St. Olavdormant, actually ignored by leading scientists, until a Norwegian outlier, Dr. Jan Raa, decided to look deeper. What he discovered would shock the scientific community and contribute to Dr. Raa earning Norway's Commander of St. Olavmost prestigious award, the Commander of St. Olav, presented by the King himself! Here's how it all began:

The Meeting

The Meeting On the morning of Dec. 12, 2007, Dr. Jan Raa, Norway's pre-eminent biologist, unconventional, brash, intensely curious, had a meeting with Kurt Tande, a former student, now a biology professor and part owner of a modest fishery. Kurt wanted Dr. Raa's assistance on a project Kurt was working on. The meeting changed the course of both men's lives and led to quite possibly Dr. Raa's greatest health discovery.

Over a cup of coffee, Kurt explained to Dr. Raa that his company had designed eco-friendly technology to harvest Calanus, an incredibly abundant Arctic sea shrimp-like organism that, until now, was not feasible to harvest. Kurt believed the beautiful ruby oil inside Calanus yielded a pollutant free superior source of essential fatty acids. His company had developed a gentle process to extract the ruby oil.

Ruby red oil But there was something else… After Kurt completed his first small harvest for testing purposes, he and his colleagues had begun taking one gram of the extracted ruby oil every day as a substitute for daily fish oil supplementation. They weren't prepared for what happened.

Almost immediately Kurt noticed a surge of endurance, both at work and during his leisure skiing and hiking trips! More astounding… a colleague reported that his belly was shrinking, but he hadn't changed his diet or life style. His colleague's wife was happy too. Her husband's ability in all areas of physical activity had increased!

Astounding These effects Kurt could only attribute to the ruby oil. Neither he nor his colleague's had these effects, or anything like them, from taking fish oil or krill oil, nor had they ever heard of anything like them associated with fish oil, or krill oil.

Kurt asked Dr. Raa if he could take a closer look at the composition of the ruby oil and come up with ideas on how it was able to produce these wonderful health benefits.

Dr. Raa paused. During his long career as a biology professor and researcher he had become aware of a phenomenon that happened when he was about to make a game changing discovery. Seemingly unrelated events would come together in a manner that propelled him towards the new discovery. It felt like that was happening now.

Pot belly salmon A week before the meeting with Kurt, Dr. Raa had been asked for his advice on improving the diet for a large salmon farming operation. The owners were at their wits end. They had carefully formulated a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, lipids, and fatty acids, a diet far superior, they thought, than was available to wild salmon, and yet, unlike wild salmon, the farmed salmon developed pot bellies!

Indeed when examined their stomachs revealed large deposits of visceral fat never found in wild salmon. Wild salmon primarily ate Calanus.

Little Auk That same week Dr. Raa read two articles that mentioned Calanus. The first article was about the mind boggling endurance feats of a small arctic bird called the “little Auk”. Pound for pound, it was considered the endurance champion of the Arctic. The bird could fly enormous distances staying aloft for days. The little Auk ate one thing, and one thing only, Calanus. And the little Auk itself was traditionally eaten only by Eskimos, who never got obesity related diabetes and heart disease.

Bowhead whale The second article was about the extraordinary life span of the mighty Bowhead whale, in excess of 230 years! Bowhead whales have perhaps the world's strongest immune system. Cardio vascular disease, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, are unheard of in these exceptionally long lived creatures.

Scientists looked closely at the Bowhead's diet. They believed there had to be a connection between what Bowhead whales ate, and how long they lived. Bowhead's enormous nutritional needs are such that only one food on the planet can meet them, and that food is only found in the Arctic seas, Calanus! It's why, unlike most whales, Bowheads don't migrate.

Even more intriguing to Dr. Raa, Calanus contains something that baffles scientists. It could very well be the reason nature chose Calanus to be the staple of Bowhead whales. It's what scientists call X factor, the mysterious unquantifiable essence that apparently makes Calanus considerably more powerful than science currently has an explanation

And now Kurt and his colleagues experiencing endurance leaps, plus reports of gut fat reduction!

Dr. Raa told Kurt he was extremely interested in analyzing and testing his ruby oil (soon to be named Arctic Ruby® Oil) at the University. They would begin immediately.

Looking Deeper

Looking Deeper Preliminary analysis revealed that Arctic Ruby® Oil was, by any measure, a far superior source of EPA and DHA than fish oil or krill oil. Virtually pollutant free, it seemed to magnify all the important benefits derived from fish oil and krill oil, dramatically. But that was just the beginning. As Dr. Raa looked deeper he was to discover components in the oil that literally stunned him, components that were present in only tiny amounts in other marine oils, but abundant in Arctic Ruby® Oil.

Example: Monoesters/wax esters. In fish oil the essential fatty acids are bound in triglycerides. In krill oil the essential fatty acids are bound in phospholipids, but in Arctic Ruby® Oil the essential fatty acids are bound in monoesters.

Why is this monumentally important? For starters the monoesters of fatty acids found in Arctic Ruby® Oil are the most concentrated form of energy found in all of nature. The only marine oil that has predominantly monoesters is Arctic Ruby® Oil. Also, monoesters burn much slower than triglycerides and phospholipids. This means they are absorbed in the posterior part of the intestine where the important receptors are located that regulate fat distribution, glucose tolerance, and oxygen uptake.

Much has been made about how the phospholipids in krill oil make it a more bioavailable form of essential fatty acids than fish oil. This in fact is true, but meaningless. The important point is not how much essential fatty acids your fish oil contains or how bioavailable krill oil may be, but where the essential fatty acids become bioavailable, and what bioactivity they induce. A point amply demonstrated by the fact that you only need two small gel gaps of Arctic Ruby® oil to deliver far superior health benefits than either fish oil or kill oil. This was little understood until recent ground breaking research was published.

Another example: Astaxanthin. Arctic Ruby® Oil contains more of this amazing health improving substance than any other marine oil. Astaxanthin is the world's most powerful antioxidant. Over 1000 peer reviewed clinical studies have shown astaxanthin can improve eye health, joint health, connective tissue health, skin health, cardiovascular health, and neurological health.

As the research continued it became apparent to Dr. Raa why Calanus was truly the life force of the most dynamic and diverse oceanic eco-systems in the world, the Arctic seas. The oil contained in Calanus was absolutely the most energy dense super food on the planet, and capable of delivering health benefits that were almost unbelievable. Remarkably, until Dr. Raa, scientists had ignored Calanus as a source of health benefits!

Initial animal testing of Arctic Ruby® Oil showed improved glucose tolerance, endurance leaps, dramatic reduction of visceral fat even to animals that were purposely fed a high fat diet. These results were not lost on Hakun Olsen, a lab assistant.

Hakun and Henriette



Hakun had been warned by his physician that his blood pressure was too high. He had out of control cholesterol levels, and a paunch that was not only unsightly, it was downright dangerous. Hakun had a master's degree in biochemistry, and knew better than most people about the danger of gut fat. He knew how it dumped horrible toxins into the blood stream and how it was responsible for heart disease and diabetes. But like most people who enjoyed indulging, Hakun wasn't inclined to radically change his diet or lifestyle.

Hakun didn't wait for final test results, nor did he wait for the double blind human studies. Hakun could already see the changes in endurance and gut fat in the animals being fed a high fat diet with the addition of Arctic Ruby® Oil. The control animals on the same high fat diet but without Arctic Ruby® Oil continued to grow fatter and more lethargic…like Hakun. It did not help to supplement the high fat diet with concentrates of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. It was the Arctic Ruby® Oil that had this remarkable effect. Hakun therefore requisitioned a liter and started ingesting about a gram a day.

At first the change was subtle. He definitely experienced more endurance, but his weight remained the same. And then after a few weeks it began to happen. His paunch was disappearing, but he still wasn't losing weight! A few months later his physician was shocked. Hakun's blood pressure and cholesterol levels were back to normal, his paunch had all but disappeared, but his weight loss was negligible. The Physician had no answer. Dr. Raa did.

When something is hot in the research community news spreads. And Hakun's flat gut was a big deal. It didn't seem to matter that the research was not finalized. Every one wanted to try the gut flattening oil. And try they did.

Within a matter of weeks more than a hundred people had asked for samples of Arctic Ruby® Oil. It wasn't long before the local townspeople of Tromso Norway heard about the gut flattening oil and soon were coming in droves asking for samples. So much so that the entire first harvest of Calanus was used up! Kurt was hardly upset.

Hakun was by no means an exceptional case. Dr. Raa received letters and emails everyday praising Arctic Ruby® Oil.

Henriette Almen

Henriette Almen

A typical example is Henriette Almen, a retired physics professor. She had been a competitive cross country skier for most of her life, enjoyed the outdoors and led a very active life-style. But now at the age of 66 Henriette had problems with mobility and endurance. She mostly stayed home.

Because she no longer vigorously exercised she developed the “bulge” as she called it. Like so many seniors, Henriette accepted her condition as the inevitable consequence of aging. After two months on Arctic Ruby® Oil she wrote the following:

long skiing trip “Had my first long skiing trip in five years! The mountains were beautiful. No pain, no stiffness, and “the bulge” is banished. Feel fantastic. Stuff works. Sure like to know how?”

How indeed! Today Dr. Raa and his research team continue their quest to unlock the seemingly endless health secrets of Arctic Ruby® Oil. Many accomplishments have occurred since Dr. Raa's first meeting with Kurt Tande.

Extremely positive human studies have been completed. Patents have been filed for harvesting, and extraction. A full range of health applications for Arctic Ruby® Oil have been demonstrated, including visceral fat reduction, glucose tolerance, cholesterol and plaque reduction, to name but a few.

Dr. Raa's critics, who believed Arctic Ruby® Oil was nothing more than yet another omega-3 product, have all been silenced, especially after he received Norway's highest award from the King. Kurt Tande's fishery has evolved into a company fully capable of making Arctic Ruby® Oil available to the world. It's still the only company in Norway granted a license to harvest Calanus.

Emails and letters continue to pour in extolling the health benefits of the now famous gut flattening oil, However, some like Arvid Asker, prefer to thank Dr. Raa in person.

Arvid Asker

Arvid Asker

Arvid's main joy in life was taking long walks in the country usually ending with a few beers at the local pub. For the past two years Arvid, who was now 76, had been too stiff and lacked the endurance necessary for his long walks, but had enough energy to walk to the pub. Three months ago Arvid began taking Arctic Ruby® Oil in an effort to get back on the trail, and to flatten his ever increasing gut. Recently he went to see Dr. Raa to thank him. Arvid told Dr. Raa that he was back on the trail and never felt better! He showed Dr. Raa his flat stomach and smiled, then asked Dr. Raa how was it possible for Arctic Ruby® Oil to do so many good things for his health. Dr. Raa answered this way:
Dr. Jan Raa

Dr. Jan Raa

“We've learned a great deal about how Arctic Ruby® Oil works, but the more we learn the more we realize how little we really know. The truth is, the essence of Arctic Ruby® Oil remains a mystery. And for me that's wonderful.”

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100% GUARANTEED! All IMMUNOCORP® orders come with a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are unsatisfied with any of the products you purchased from IMMUNOCORP®, please return the unused portion for a full refund.

X Factor in Arctic Ruby® Oil

Glucose tolerance: No other marine oil is more effective than Arctic Ruby® Oil on glucose tolerance. People report spectacular results, especially pre-diabetics and diabetics, far in excess of what was thought possible according to double blind studies. To be fair not everyone experiences these results, but enough do to make X factor a viable explanation.

Stamina and endurance: People, in some cases professional athletes, report major increases in stamina and endurance, far greater than should be possible according to the research done on Arctic Ruby® Oil, and certainly far greater than other marine oils. X factor is in play.

Blood pressure and cholesterol reduction: Scientific studies show that the omega 3 fatty acids in marine oil can moderately lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Studies on Arctic Ruby® Oil show that it is a superior source of omega 3 fatty acids compared to fish oil or krill oil, however some people experience dramatic reductions while taking Arctic Ruby® Oil. Once again, far greater than should be possible. Not everyone reports these results, but enough to make X factor relevant.