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Most people think having a pear belly comes from eating too much fatty foods, of course that contributes, but pear belly also occurs because of dysbiosis, a condition that happens when the microbial colonies in your digestive track are out of balance. Dysbiosis is primarily caused by exposure to antibiotics, but stress, eating poorly, alcohol, and even pollution can affect gut health, all of which contributes to the ever present pear belly!

Lipobiotol® can finally eliminate pear belly because it was formulated to both block the absorption of dietary fat, and to balance your gut with healthy beneficial bacteria. Lipobiotol® contains a fast dissolving proprietary form of chitosan that comes from Iceland. It’s made from the shells of cold water shrimp. How well does it work to bind with fat and block it from being absorbed so it won’t end up on your belly as unsightly fat?

A randomized double blind study was conducted with 59 overweight, mildly obese, pear shaped women, ages 21-55. They were instructed not to change their lifestyle or dietary choices whatsoever.

Half of the subjects were given 1.5 grams of the special chitosan in three capsules that they took daily along with their 2 main meals. The dosage is exactly the same as contained in Lipobiotol®. The other half were given placebos and instructed to follow the identical protocol. After 8 weeks the subjects taking the special chitosan lost 2.2 pounds and significantly reduced their body mass index. The subjects taking the placebo gained 3.1 pounds and significantly increased their body mass index. Based on these results the subjects in the study weren’t exactly watching what they ate or exercising as proven by the subjects on the placebo. They gained weight. But the subjects taking the special chitosan (also not exercising or watching what they ate) lost weight!

As mentioned, Lipobiotol® is also formulated to deposit 35 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of live beneficial bacteria into your intestine where they can immediately get to work balancing your digestive microbial colonies. Your gut is home to 70%-80% of your body’s immune cells. Poor gut health greatly contributes to pear belly, but it also opens the door to associated conditions such as chronic fatigue, mood swings, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and crohn’s disease.

And there you have it, a truly comprehensive and effective solution to help eliminate pear belly and its associated conditions. The best part is how easy Lipobiotol® is to use. You simply take 4 easy to swallow capsules before your two main meals. That’s it. The capsules come in 60 individual packets.

The results speak for themselves.

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Winner. Turned my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers around, Flattened my stomach and gave me lots more energy.

Janet M., Eastvale, CA

I was a borderline type 2 diabetic. Yes I was a pear! Now I’m neither borderline nor a pear. I’ve never been much good at dieting. As for diet pills, I’ve tried them all. Some seemed to work, but once I stopped my belly bounced back. Not so with lipobiotol. It’s different, really easy and works.

Samuel H., Houston, TX