Introducing ANANDATOL®

Change the way you experience yourself and the world

Your Bliss Molecule If I told you that pure unadulterated bliss is your essential nature regardless of your present circumstances would you believe me? Would you believe me if said I could prove it?

How bout this, imagine transforming your worst mood into total happiness in a matter of minutes. Image banishing stress, anxiety, brain fog and insomnia forever. Imagine what your life would be like if that nonstop, chattering, badgering, judgmental little voice in your head would simply vanish. Imagine coming home to who you have always been and finally realizing it.

There is an ancient Sanskrit word for bliss, defined as the simultaneous experience of complete happiness, calmness, focus, clarity, and presence. That word is ANANDA.

And what if I told you I've developed a natural formulation that can help you fully experience ANANDA? I call it ANANDATOL®.

Sound far fetched? I can assure you it's not.

Hello, my name is Richard Waggoner. I'm the founder of IMMUNOCORP®, a leading producer of immunity supplements for more than 2 decades. IMMUTOL® and ARCTIC RUBY® OIL are my most famous. Had you asked me a few years ago if I would someday develop a supplement that could contribute to your enlightenment, a supplement that could help you experience your natural state of oneness and bliss, I would have laughed.

Developing a bliss pill was the farthest thing from my mind. That was until I read an amazing article in 2015 about a molecule your body makes called anandamide.

Your Bliss Molecule

Bliss Science has confirmed anandamide can induce profound states of euphoria. Anandamide can extinguish stress, anxiety, fear, pain, and insomnia. It can calm your mind and lift your spirit.

The name itself, anandamide, is an incredible statement. Practically every enlightened master from time immemorial has ANANDA as part of their name. Unsurprisingly, recent lab controlled studies on long term meditators show they have much higher levels of anandamide than average. Clearly anandamide is special.

Anandamide was discovered and named by the now famous Israeli scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. What he discovered was no less than the bio-chemical basis of happiness!

Dr. Mechoulam named his discovery anandamide for a reason. He was unequivocally telling the scientific community that anandamide has the power to transform the way you experience yourself and the world naturally. You are literally hard wired for bliss!

Conscious altering drugs can do nothing more than crudely mimic the effects of anandamide, and do so at the risk of horrible side effects.

Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that binds with and directs a vast network of receptors spread throughout your body, but primarily located in your immune system and brain. The sole purpose of this receptor system is to maintain balance, harmony, equanimity between body, mind, and spirit.

Scientists rank its relatively recent discovery as one of the most important medical discoveries ever made.

Studies show that as you age your body produces less anandamide. Low levels of anandamide can devastate your sense of well being.

The first indications of lower levels of anandamide are usually experienced as moodiness or edginess. You angrily react to comments or situations that in the past would not have bothered you so much. You tend to get lost in negative thoughts. You tire easily. You're out of balance. Life becomes a chore rather than a blessing. Unfortunately, as anandamide levels continue to drop it only gets worse.

The more I learned about anandamide the more I became obsessed with developing a natural formulation that could seriously raise anandamide levels. I knew it was possible.

From the point of view of IMMUNOCORP® it made perfect sense to develop a formulation that could end stress and insomnia. Nothing weakens immunity more than stress and lack of sleep. But I had grander plans.

My team and I would produce a formulation that could help you reclaim your life, reclaim your happiness, a formulation that could give you the ultimate experience of ANANDA, your authentic state of being!


Regina I realized we were finally getting close with the formulating process when the first sample bottles of ANANDATOL® started disappearing from the lab.

Dr. Jansen, our lead formulator, gave his mother, Regina, a sample bottle of capsules. He reasoned, if it could help her it could help anybody. Regina was a perpetual complainer, racked with depression and anxiety. She never left the house. Regina had tried both tranquilizers and antidepressants but stopped taking them because of side effects. Her only social activity was a weekly bridge game she held at her home. The game gave Regina an opportunity to ceaselessly complain to her friends about how bad life was in general and her's in particular.

ANANDATOL® not only took away Regina's anxiety it made her whole again, vibrant, confident, present. The complaining was gone. She was interesting even funny. Naturally, her bridge playing friends wanted to know what had happened to Regina! Why was she suddenly so happy? Regina simply held up a bottle of ANANDATOL® and smiled.

Her friends wanted some. Regina asked her son if he could spare a few more bottles. Dr. Jansen was hesitant. There weren't that many samples available, but considering how much ANANDATOL® had improved Regina's life, he decided to honor her request. But this time he sought my permission.

I put my foot down. Although the formula was perfectly safe, and almost there, It was not complete.

Anandamide Super Booster

ANANDATOL® Serenity Complex* I had chosen hemp extract to be the base ingredient for ANANDATOL® because of its extraordinary ability to naturally raise anandamide levels. Multiple scientific studies confirmed this fact. The sample formula that Regina took contained only a single ingredient, high quality hemp extract specially treated to be maximally bio-available.

Regina experienced a positive shift in consciousness because her sample capsule had the right dosage of hemp extract in the right form. It raised her anandamide levels and thus brought her body, mind, and spirit into balance.

But, as I said, we could do better. There had to be other plant extracts that would work synergistically with hemp extract to make ANANDATOL® a veritable anandamide super booster! I turned to my old friend, Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee and TCM

Dr. Lee and TCM Dr. Lee, is by any standard an extraordinary man. Advanced in years and much older than he looks, Dr. Lee is still wining national Sudoku and Go championships in China. To say he is sharp would be an enormous understatement. Dr. Lee is a renowned herbologist and master TCM practitioner. He also holds Ph.D’s in organic chemistry and neuroscience. In addi- tion, he’s the owner of one of China’s oldest TCM manufacturing facilities located just outside Shanghai.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is different in several fundamental ways from western medicine, but it’s also based on the same principal, empiricism, the belief that objective observation is the most accurate way to determine facts. On that score Chinese doctors have been objectively observing by trial and error the healing effects of natural remedies for at least 50 centuries!

TCM views your body as an energy field consisting of ying and yang (male and female) expressions of a mysterious vital energy they call Qi, pronounced chee.

TCM sees all health problems, mental and physical, as an indication that ying and yang are either out of balance or blocked. It’s the job of a TCM practitioner to restore free flowing balanced QI. They do so by primarily administering herbal remedies that do essentially the same thing as Hemp extract, restore balance.

I couldn’t think of any scientist or physician that understood more about how to naturally restore balance for both body and mind than Dr. Lee.

It was not the first time I sought Dr. Lee’s help. A few years ago, Dr. Lee was instrumental in developing a mental acuity product for IMMUNOCORP®. He brilliantly combined TCM with natural western ingredients. The result was nothing short of amazing. It’s called ACUITOL® and has quickly become one of our most popular products. Maybe Dr. Lee could do it again. He didn't let me down.

I contacted Dr. Lee and sent him a sample of my ANANDATOL® formulation. 6 days later I received his reply. He confirmed my hunch:

"You’re right. Hemp extract is definitely not a stand alone ingredient. It needs its family to get the desired results!"

Dr. Lee explained to me that hemp extract is a foundational balancing herb in TCM and has been used for as long as TCM has existed. Its the basis for formulations that alleviate anxiety, over exertion, pain and melancholy. Hemp extract based formulations allow optimal function of the 5 zàng organs, heart, spleen, lungs, kidney and Liver, especially improving their associative Qi dynamic. TCM formulations are always a combination of herbs that function as a synergistic whole to balance Qi.

He told me he would get back to me soon.

Two weeks later 5 different organic herbal extracts arrived with detailed instructions on the amounts to be added to the original ANANDATOL® formulation. My team followed his instructions to the letter. I was the first person to try Dr. Lee’s new formulation. The results were life changing to say the least. I’ll do my best to relate what happened:

Within 30 minutes of taking Dr. Lee’s enhanced ANANDATOL®, the way I normally experienced myself and the world radically changed. As ridiculous as it may sound, I realized I no longer needed money or anything else for that matter to be happy. The world including myself seemed perfect. A week later my chronic aches, pains and depression were gone. But the real mind blower came when I noticed the chattering, badgering, judgmental little voice in my head had vanished. For the first time in my life I was present, fully present, alert and clear beyond description.

Using me as their guinea pig and witnessing the results after just a week of daily use, I was literally a different person, the rest of my team, 9 in all, tried Dr. Lee’s enhanced ANANDATOL® formulation. The results were equally profound. Our customers soon agreed.

The Experience

Gene Z.

ANANDATOL® changed everything!

It's impossible to overstate the joy, happiness, and clarity ANANDATOL® has given me. I had been depressed for years, a total downer to be around and consequently had very few friends.The doom and gloom of the pandemic made my depression much worse. I had allowed the misery and fear the media was peddling to take up permanent residence in my head. I was a total basket case. Luckily the one good friend I still had gave me a bottle of ANANDATOL® saying it would change everything. Nothing else had worked, but I decided anyway to give ANANDATOL® a whirl. It absolutely changed everything! I don't know how, but after I took it I had the mental power to let go of my anxiety, fear and dread. ANANDATOL® calmed me and centered me. I am now free to experience life as it truly is, a miracle to be hold. I have never been happier and never listen to the news, lol. I am eternally grateful to my friend for turning me on to ANANDATOL®.

Gene Z.
Brooklyn, NY

Bill S.

Crows are aerobatic masters!

Near my office are many eucalyptus trees that serve as a home to dozens of crows. One day I was feeling particularly down and moody. My office friend picked up on my mood, rather obvious, and offered me a capsule of ANANDATOL®. He said it could work wonders. I didn't believe him because my bad moods don't disappear easily. But I had to admit my friend had been unusually happy for the past few months, so I tried it. For the first 10 minutes I didn't feel anything. I was just sitting at my desk staring out the window, but then I noticed that two crows were circling high above the trees and then swooping, diving, and rolling, each one trying to out do the other in a fantastic aerobatic contest. A smile broke out on my face. It seemed like I could actually feel their flying sensations. As my awareness expanded I noticed an entire animated community of crows outside my window. They've always been there, I've just never been aware of how remarkable they were. What joy I felt at this simple discovery. ANANDATOL® really did work wonders on my mood. I take it everyday now, my bad moods have not returned and everyday I discover something new and amazing in the world!

Bill S.
Oceanside, CA

Susan L.

Mind chatter ceased!

I've been a devoted meditator for more than 20 years. A member of my meditation group told me he had been taking ANANDATOL® 30 minutes before his sessions and had experienced much deeper meditation. I was skeptical but any natural help I could use to calm my mind was welcome so I tried ANANDATOL®. It was incredible. Very quickly my mind chatter ceased. That's never happened. I experienced the deep sense of peace that I sometimes experience, but this time the experience arrived much sooner. I realized for the first time that I don't have awareness I am awareness! I've continued taking ANANDATOL® before meditating and it continues to deepen my experience.

Susan L.
Long Beach, CA

Sally J.

Migraine gone!

I used ANANDATOL® to relax and enjoy the moment. I was incredibly pleased with how it made me feel. One day I had a horrible migraine, not that they aren't all horrible! But instead of popping my usual pills (they sort of work but make me way groggy) I decided to take ANANDATOL®. I knew it relieved stress and maybe it could help. It did more than help. ANANDATOL® completely took my migraine away and replaced it with complete clarity and total happiness. Quite a supplement!

Sally J.
Dallas, TX

When it's all said and done isn't happiness based on how you experience yourself and the world? If you suffer from anxiety, fear, pain, moodiness, depression, stress, insomnia, or simply a mind that never shuts up, then your experience of yourself and the world certainly won't be a happy one. Why not let ANANDATOL® radically change your experience?Why not discover who you really are?

You deserve to be happy!

Richard Waggoner
Long Beach, CA

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ANANDATOL® Proprietary Formulation

Organic Hemp Extract:
It contains high amounts of a unique phytochemical that can significantly raise levels of your bliss molecule, anandamide. Organic hemp extract is ANANDATOL®'s primary ingredient and works synergistically with the other 5 plant extracts to help anandamide function optimally.

Organic Black Pepper

Organic Black Pepper Extract:
It contains piperine, guineensine, and beta-caryophyllene. Piperine, an alkaloid, increases the bio-availability of all the ingredients in ANANDATOL®. Guineensine, an alkaloid, increases anandamide levels. Beta-caryophyllene, a terpene, can help anandamide diminish stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

Organic Clove

Organic Clove Extract:
It contains high levels of beta-caryophyllene and eugenol, which have mood-boosting properties that help anandamide function optimally.

Organic Rosemary

Organic Rosemary Extract:
It contains beta-caryophyllene plus other terpenes, camphene, pinene, and limonene, that provide additional anandamide support.

Organic Hops

Organic Hops Extract:
It contains humulone and lupulone, alpha-acids that work with anandamide in promoting relaxation and a positive mood. Hops also contain myrcene, which helps anandamide function optimally.

Organic Jujube

Organic Jujube Extract:
It contains the special fatty acid oleamide that provides additional support for anandamide to promote better relaxation and sleep. The high saponin content contributes to anandamide's anti-anxiety effects.

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One (1) bottle of ANANDATOL® costs $59.95, plus $8.95 for shipping and handling ($68.90 total). Add (1) to cart

100% GUARANTEED! All IMMUNOCORP® orders come with a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are unsatisfied with any of the products you purchased from IMMUNOCORP®, please return the unused portion for a full refund.

Why not let ANANADATOL® change your experience? There really is no other supplement like ANANDATOL®. You deserve to be happy!



*Serenity Complex

Nothing is worse for your immune system than stress, anxiety, worry, insomnia and unhappiness. That’s why we developed ANANDATOL®. It’s clinically proven to raise levels of your body’s bliss inducing molecule, anandamide. This small difference can make all the difference in the world.

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