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Take Years Off Your Appearance By Igniting Skin Repair Cells

Did you ever wonder why younger skin is so incredibly wrinkle resistant? Why it retains its healthy vibrant glow under almost any condition? Why it always feels pleasantly thick and firm to the touch? The answer is highly active skin repair cells which are a vital component of your immune system. They’re what dermatologists say gives younger skin the amazing power to fight off the things that age us like sun damage, smoke and stress damage, the power to quickly repair and regenerate, the power to remain beautifully wrinkle free!

Unfortunately, as you get older, your skin repair cells start to slow down. They’re less active and thus your skin starts to show the tell tale signs of aging. Not anymore!

Immuderm contains, as its primary ingredient, arguably the strongest immune system activator on the planet, NBG®. Immuderm has been formulated to make it possible to apply NBG® topically allowing NBG® to activate your dormant and aging skin repair cells.

A fully activated immune skin repair cell is truly a youth enhancing biological wonder machine! IMMUDERM works powerfully at the cellular level to deliver what can only be described as a radical increase in your skin’s ability to repair, protect and improve its appearance.

With each application of IMMUDERM you not only diminish wrinkles, you can have significant relief from other skin problems. IMMUDERM inhibits inflammation, and effectively contributes to an increase in cell proliferation, which also improves skin elasticity, tightness, smoothness and wound healing.

Once again your immune system is the key. Immuderm’s proven ability to activate skin repair cells will make an amazing difference in your appearance, and dramatically improve your skin’s health in ways no other skin care product can match!

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I started using Immuderm 7 years ago. I had been using a different product so when I got my first tube, I started my own experiment and used Immuderm on one half of my face and my usual cream on the other half. After a few weeks it became clear that Immuderm was much better when my wrinkles were greatly improved on the Immuderm side and the other side wasn’t!

Cheryl P., Riverton, WY

I love Immuderm. My skin has never felt better and looked so good. My hair dresser noticed the difference immediately and now she and her mother are using it. Oh and I even got my husband using it. Amazing.

Cynthia G., Warrenton, VA