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Could the Induction of Trained Immunity by B-Glucan Serve as a Defense Against COVID-19?

As COVID-19 continues to thrive in many countries around the world, while weakening healthcare systems and economies, many are questioning whether beta glucans can aid in immune support and have added benefits against the coronavirus. A study conducted and published in July 2020 suggests that some immune populations named Trained Immunity (TRIM) can experience a more successful immune response in the presence of COVID-19. It has been previously shown that the introduction of beta glucans increases TRIM and the overall immune response, which could have profound ramifications for coronavirus worldwide.

What Are Beta Glucans? 

Beta glucans are comprised of glucose molecules that are known to have immune supporting properties. Beta glucans are naturally found in food products like oat, barley, yeast, wheat, and certain types of mushrooms. These immune boosting polysaccharides can be consumed naturally through diet or received through supplements via intramuscular, intravenous, intranasal, or intraperitoneal administration.

Beta glucans not only have antibacterial properties, but they also have promising anti-viral properties as well, which is significant in terms of COVID-19. Particularly, beta glucans have seen success against viruses that attack the upper and lower respiratory systems like viral pneumonia. Therefore, it is hypothesized that beta glucans could be used as an additional immune support to decrease the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

Antiviral Properties of Beta Glucans

The introduction of beta glucans has been shown to decrease the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of COVID-19 patients, particularly those with advanced and severe symptoms in the intensive care unit (ICU). Additionally, beta glucan benefits have been shown in children who experience flu-like symptoms. They significantly reduced the rate of lower respiratory infections and overall symptoms. Although more studies need to be performed to continue to validate these results, the initial immune response is positive and significant.

Further Information about Beta Glucans

For further information about beta glucans and immune support, read the full study conducted by the University of Louisville School of Medicine here. Immunocorp encourages you to explore beta glucan for your own immune system response.

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