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How To Strengthen Immunity When There Is No Vaccine

What you should have been doing before the Grim Reaper came to town!

Long Beach, CA— If you feel powerless against the current situation, don’t! Presently, the public is given two messages about how to avoid infection from a virus for which there is no vaccine. First, wash your hands often and maintain social distancing. Second, people with weak immune systems, especially the elderly, should stay home as much as possible. Solid recommendations that we should all follow. And we should continue to follow the directives of medical experts no matter how difficult it may become. But there’s a third message that is rarely given: It’s vitally important to to strengthen your immune system. Take action!

We are conditioned to think vaccines alone protect us from viruses and there’s nothing more we can or need to do for our immune systems. To be sure, we should all get vaccinated like we’re advised every flu season but that’s not the end of the story.

Most of us think, get a shot, ouch, and little else to worry about, right? We are not usually told that vaccines don’t work nearly as well for older people. More importantly, we don’t realize that we always live in a sea of dangerous viruses for which there are no vaccines!

Example, the common cold. Each year it infects millions. For some, it infects multiple times, with serious complications. Since a vaccine has not been developed for the common cold it easily infects people with weak immunity. But not all of us are victims.

Haven’t you known people that never get sick? Everyone in the office catches a cold but he or she doesn’t. What’s happening? The usual explanations offered for people who don’t get sick are they posses great genes or strong constitutions. The less likely explanation offered is they have strong immune systems. What you’ll never hear is the correct answer. They have strong innate immune systems!

Your innate immune system is incredibly important. The strength of it is a major factor in determining whether or not you will be infected by a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite once exposed.

Some people are born with unusually strong innate immune systems. Most of us need to take measures (soon explained) to strengthen our innate immune systems, particularly as it weakens with age, if we want to avoid infections as much as possible.

Your Immune System

Briefly, your immune system has two parts, innate and adaptive. Your innate immune system is your first line of defense against all viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic attacks. Its purpose is to destroy pathogens immediately before they infect.

Your adaptive immune system goes into action if an invader makes it past your innate immune system’s defenses and you become infected. Your adaptive immune system’s purpose is to kill the infecting pathogen and to develop immunity to that specific pathogen. It’s your adaptive immune system that responds to vaccines and in so doing develops immunity for the particular virus the vaccine was developed.

Here’s How To Strengthen Your Innate Immune System

I recommend that you take Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan daily. There is no better supplement for strengthening your immune system. Period. We have the research to prove it. Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan is completely natural. It’s a class of long chain polysaccharides extracted from the cell wall of baker’s yeast. Once ingested Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, by virtue of its molecular shape, binds with two specific activating (toll) receptors (2/6) on front-line immune cells called macrophages that reside in the epithelium (surface tissue layers) of your mouth, nose, throat and gut, which is the main location of your innate immune system.

Your macrophage cells are one of the most important components of your innate immune system and responsible for immediately destroying all invading pathogens. Fully activated macrophages produce potent intercellular signaling molecules (cytokines) which activate T-cells, B-cells, monocytes and natural killer cells, readying your immune system for a massive and total immune response.

For more than 2 decades IMMUOCORP has produced the most active Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan available. We offer it under the brand name IMMUTOL®. IMMUNOCORP® holds multiple patents for our extraction process which ensures the delicate branching on the Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan molecule remain intact. It’s the intact branching that fits perfectly into the activating receptors on macrophage cells, literally switching them on for battle against all infectious invaders!

IMMUTOL® is not in the same category as vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, herbal formulations, homeopathy, or any other so called immune enhancer. IMMUTOL® has serious science behind it, not anecdotes or folk lore. Its immune strengthening mode of action is clearly understood and proven.

IMMUTOL® has yielded incredible verified immune strengthening results worldwide both for vulnerable older people with weak innate immune systems, and for younger people who want to achieve and maintain a powerful peak performing innate immune system. Nothing compares.

However, as important as daily use of IMMUTOL® is for strengthening immunity, it’s equally important to strengthen immunity by reducing stress, exercising regularly, eating sensibly, drinking moderately, and not smoking. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel and how much calmer you’ll be knowing that you’ve done all that’s possible to naturally strengthen immunity!

Where To Purchase IMMUTOL®

IMMUTOL® can be purchased directly from IMMUNOCORP®. Order with your credit card 24/7 at: 800-446-3063 Ext. 550. Check or money order to: IMMUNOCORP®, 2340 Mira Mar Ave., Dept. 550, Long Beach, CA. 90815. CA residents add 9.75%. Other states add % for your area. Web orders at:

A 60 capsule bottle of IMMUTOL® costs $39.95, plus $7.95 for S&H. However, most people order more than one bottle because IMMUNOCORP® offers deep discounts on multiple bottle orders. A 3 bottle order is discounted 20%, 6 bottles 30%, and 9 bottles or more are discounted 40%. Plus, multiple bottle orders include free shipping. Orders are shipped within 24hrs. Every order comes with a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. Don’t ignore your immune system. Your life depends on it.

All information contained within this article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to substitute for the advice given by a pharmacist, physician, or any other licensed health-care professional. IMMUTOL® is designed to support the overall effectiveness of your innate immune system. IMMUTOL® has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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3 thoughts on “How To Strengthen Immunity When There Is No Vaccine

  1. Carl Walker says:

    Can this help our pastor who was diagnosed with covid 19 and pneumonia 5 days ago. He was hospitilized on Sunday July 12, 2020. He was released on Tuesday, July 14. to quarantean at home He had a bad sounding cough on the video he was airing on Sun. the 5th, so it had been developing at least 7 days prior. I know immune boosting supplements help, but can it give a major boost to his immune system at this time. I will order it for him any way and will hope and pray for the best. He is diabetic and had 4 stents put in his heart last year, so he has some complications. He is 52 years old, was working out with weights and going hunting whenever he could, coaching football and teaching before he became a pastor. He has been active all of his life.

    1. IMMUNOCORP says:

      Hello. Thank you for reaching out to us. The purpose of Immutol is to help support the innate immune system but is not intended to treat or cure specific diseases or conditions.

  2. Anthony Uccello says:

    Dissappointed that the Nasal Spray will no longer be manufactured. I must say, this was the only product that helped me with my condition. I was able to bear my winter sinus issues without any other medications.

    Please consider brining it back.

    -T.U. (Canada)

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