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What Is Arctic Ruby Oil? A Superfood with Big Health Benefits

Don’t get us wrong: We love fish oil. But there’s a superfood that’s primed to take over the omega-3 supplements. Arctic Ruby Oil oil is an all-natural highly bioactive form of omega-3, with amazing health benefits, a staple of the Norwegian diet.

So What is Arctic Ruby Oil?

Like fish oil, Artic Ruby Oil is a marine species – a natural lipid extract from the small copepod Calanus finmarchicus. The Norwegians have harvested Calanus finmarchicus for decades, and it is now open for health and nutrition applications. Naturally rich in omega-3, Arctic Ruby Oil is has a potent anti-inflammatory action making it a particularly good health supplement. The wax esters in Arctic Ruby Oil are digested in the distal intestine, giving it metabolic effects when consumed regularly.

Health Benefits

When we say super omega-3, we seriously mean super omega-3. The list of good-for-you attributes goes on and on, but to name a few: it supports heart health and cellular energy, helps maintain healthy glucose levels, and fights unwanted belly fat. What’s more, it packs fatty acids at over 80 percent in the form of wax esters, making it superior to fish or krill oil.

Where to Get It

Arctic Ruby Oil is an excellent option for your daily supplement regimen–it is literally life force of the most dynamic and diverse oceanic eco-systems in the world. You can buy it here in single, 3- and 6 boxes to save more. So healthy!

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2 thoughts on “What Is Arctic Ruby Oil? A Superfood with Big Health Benefits

  1. Carol Ragsdale says:

    I’ve been talking Attic Ruby Oil and find it’s benefits amazing. I’m in my late fifties and would recommend it to everyone.

    1. darleengail says:

      Hi Carol. I’ve never taken Arctic Rubey Oil before & since you like it, I was hoping you could tell me what you’ve Actually seen are its Benifits for you? Thanks in advance! Darleen in NV

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