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This Natural Supplement Before Bed Can Be the Answer to Restless Nights

Tired During the Day

If You’re Always Tired During the Day, Take This Natural Supplement Before Bed and Kick Restless Nights to the Curb

We know the feeling; you climb to bed thinking it’ll be the most soothing part of your day, but end up rolling over to check your phone, and end up laying awake for hours trying to drift off to sleep. Wondering how you can achieve blissful sleep? No matter what, we could all do better in the shut-eye department. So we developed a formula that promotes optimal sleep, while balancing circadian rhythm and immune function.

What is Blissful Sleep?

Blissful sleep is when your heart rate slows, your body temperature drops, and your achieve what doctors refer to as slow-wave sleep.

Why is Blissful Sleep So Important?

Achieving blissful sleep is vital for cardiovascular health, mood and stress, well-being, and immunity. You know you’ve achieved blissful sleep anytime you wake up refreshed.

Tips For Getting Blissful Sleep (aka Deep Sleep)

If you’re wondering how to sleep deeply, you’re really looking for blissful sleep, not just sleeping for long hours. If you feel tired or fatigued when you wake up, you are not getting blissful sleep. Here are some things that can work for you:

  • Limit alcohol: While if may seem like it has sedative effects, alcohol actually could make have a restless sleep.
  • Avoid certain foods: spicy and acidic food can trigger acid reflux, which can make sleep uncomfortable.
  • Exercise: Working out can diminish stress and help to improve sleep quality.
  • Stay away from caffeine: Caffeine in the afternoon hours has been shown to interfere with sleep.
  • Take IMMUTOL® PM: If you’re experiencing difficulty falling asleep, you can try IMMUTOL® PM – a sleep supplement praised for its positive effects promoting optimal sleep, and balancing circadian rhythm and immune function.

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