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The Sleep Supplement Norwegians Swear by Is Now Available to Everyone — and You Bet It Works

Norwegian sleep supplement

Sleep is one of those things that we all want but a lot of Americans can’t have — if you’re looking for safe and natural alternatives, try IMMUTOL® PM, a sleep supplement Norwegians praise for its positive effects promoting optimal sleep, and balancing circadian rhythm and immune function. Regardless of what you might hear about it, lack of sleep is a serious health issue. Sleep regulates all aspects of our health from heart rate to blood pressure, hormone release, neurological function, and even obesity. According the CDC, one in three adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. But this nighttime formula can help synchronize and restore youthful sleep.

You won’t find IMMUTOL® PM next to over-the-counter melatonin pills; it’s sold directly to consumers by IMMUNOCORP. The Norwegian Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan (NBG) based supplement with Melatonin comes in a 60 capsules package. It’s called the “anti-Ambien,” though, and is made from ingredients that naturally help you fall sleep and achieve blissful sleep overall as opposed to prescriptions that simply knock you out.

The company’s CEO Richard Waggoner takes IMMUTOL® PM regularly. His busy lifestyle and frequent long travels disrupt his normal sleep-wake cycles, along with most other body functions, such as hunger and immune system. You don’t need to actually be a busy executive to reap benefits from IMMUTOL® PM — now this sleep supplement is available to everyone. IMMUTOL® PM can help you perform at the best of your ability because it’ll help you restore the body’s circadian rhythm to a more youthful state.

What’s in IMMUTOL® PM?

The ingredients in IMMUTOL® PM have a beneficial impact on circadian rhythm and the immune system, guaranteeing that what’s in each capsule supports your whole-body health — not just sleep. The ingredients do three for you:

  • 750 mg of Norwegian Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan (NBG) to strengthen critical immune components in the body, thus providing even greater protection beyond just seasonal viral infections.
  • 10 mg Melatonin, commonly known as the natural sleep-inducing hormone, helps keep your central and peripheral clocks operating optimally to regulate circadian rhythm.
  • Beyond improving sleep onset, IMMUTOL® PM neutralizes free radicals and prevents tissue damage associated with oxidative stress, stimulates the cellular antioxidant defense system, and enhances growth hormone (GH) secretion, stimulating the growth of all tissues of the body, including bone.

IMMUTOL® PM differs from other sleep products because it allows your body to synchronize the circadian rhythms and your health. It’s not a knockout drug. IMMUTOL® PM progressively helps in keeping the central clock in sync with the environment and can restore our circadian rhythms through healthful sleep.

Does IMMUTOL® PM Work?

It’s recommended that you take two capsules before bedtime. It’ works — it makes the perfect combination to strengthen your precious immune system 24 hours a day while you finally get the deep restorative sleep you’ve been missing. Not only will you have an even stronger immune system, you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel, and how much more you’ll get done when you are rested and alert.

Take IMMUTOL® PM for five nights and you will feel calmer, less tired, and like a new person. And if you have a particularly stressful lifestyle where your sleep schedule is out of whack, you should absolutely incorporate IMMUTOL® PM into your nighttime routine.

Where Can You Buy IMMUTOL® PM?

Right here, you can buy IMMUTOL® PM for as low as $29.95. Packs of three, 6, and 9 are available on our website. And if you’re not sure about taking IMMUTOL® PM, you can call us at 800-446-3063.

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