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Discovering Ruby Red Oil’s Health Benefits

Learn the benefits of this Omega-3 rich marine oil, and how it can help protect your whole-body health.

Fatty Acids Explained

For many of your body’s processes to be carried out effectively, you need to include a variety of fatty acids in your diet—some more indispensable than others. These indispensable fatty acids are called essential fatty acids because the body needs them to stay healthy. Unfortunately, the body can’t make them, and they must therefore come from the food and supplements we eat1.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are one of these essential fatty acids and they come in two main forms—omega-3 and omega-6. Most people get enough omega-6 PUFAs in their diet (and often times too much of it)2, but that’s not the case for omega-3 PUFAs.

Ruby Red Oil Health Benefits

Omega-3 PUFAs have anti-inflammatory functions and they also carry out other activities that have been proven, in both humans and animal studies to protect against obesity, reduce weight gain, lower blood pressure, protect the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk factors for heart failure.

Marine oils are an excellent source of omega 3 PUFAs, but one marine oil in particular—Calanus oil—can be considered superior to the others. How so? It is so rich in omega 3 PUFAs that to get enough, you only need to consume small amounts of it, as compared to other marine oils. Additionally, it has a very low level of environmental contaminants in it.

Calanus oil—Ruby Red Oil—is extracted from a tiny sea organism called Calanus finmarchicus that is mainly found in the Norwegian Sea. It contains long chain omega 3 PUFAs- docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

It has many amazing health benefits for those that consume it. Here are some of the conditions Ruby Red Oil helps with:

  • AtherosclerosisAlso known as arteriosclerosis, this is a condition that involves the hardening and narrowing of your arteries as a result of a build-up of plaque in them thereby limiting the flow of oxygen-filled blood to your organs. Multiple studies of Calanus oil involving mice showed that dietary supplementation of Calanus oil is effective at reducing the formation of atherosclerotic plaque and at preventing the development of atherosclerosis in the first place.3
  • ObesityBeing overweight or obese is a known risk factor in the development of many medical conditions like diabetes, insulin resistance, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, kidney disease and fatty liver disease4. Supplementing your diet with Calanus oil has been shown to reduce obesity, especially abdominal obesity which is more dangerous. Studies conducted with Calanus oil as a supplement given to obese mice exemplified the oil’s ability to do this as their results showed a significant decrease in body weight, abdominal fat stores, build-up of fat in the liver and adipocyte cell size.5
  • HypertensionAngiotensin II is a hormone that’s produced by the body system that’s responsible for maintaining blood pressure—the renin-angiotensin system. Unfortunately, this angiotensin II makes your blood vessels narrow, thereby leading to increased blood pressure. Calanus oil works to treat hypertension by reducing the inflammation in the vessel walls caused by angiotensin II, making it a great addition to traditional hypertension treatments.6

Other Health Benefits of Ruby Red Oil:

  • Improving glucose toleranceWhen combined with being overweight or obese, having impaired glucose tolerance (also known as insulin resistance) can lead to Type 2 diabetes. Supplementing diet with Calanus oil has been found to lower the levels of insulin in the body and improve the tolerance of glucose.7
  • Improving heart healthThere’s evidence that shows that increasing the intake of omega 3 PUFAs is associated with a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease and heart failure.8

Is Ruby Red Oil Safe:

Ruby Red Oil supplements are safe to take. A double-blind randomized trial involving one group of people taking 2g Ruby Red Oil every day for a year, and the other group taking a placebo (with both groups having good compliance rates) showed that Ruby Red Oil had no negative effects on the safety parameters measured.

Further, most of the omega 3 PUFAs in Calanus oil come in wax ester form rather than ethyl ester (the form most other marine oils come in), and studies have shown that in wax ester form, the omega 3 PUFAs are well and easily digested by healthy individuals9.

Not all of the Ruby Red Oil benefits are linked to the omega 3 PUFAs in it. High amounts of astaxanthin—the most powerful antioxidant available to humans—are also present in Ruby Red Oil. This antioxidant is what gives the oil its red color and studies have suggested that astaxanthin may hold medical benefits for conditions like cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases10.

Maintaining a healthy diet that contains food sources of omega 3 PUFAs is very important. However, depending on the types of food available to you, this can be a bit difficult. Supplementing your diet with Ruby Red Oil is a safe and easier way to get the health benefits of these essential fatty acids- as well as benefits of its other components.


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