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Producers of the World's Leading Immune System Products ~ Established 1998

Introducing, The Immortalizer

From the land of glaciers, geysers, volcanoes and Vikings, comes a magical algae that never dies. How this audacious algae stops aging and cheats death will shock you… intrigue you… and ultimately transform you! Introducing…

Icelandic Asta-D


In Iceland on an abandoned U.S. air force base, a building stands that once served as the command center for the 82nd fighter intercept squadron...

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Empower Your Health

With Arctic Ruby® Oil the Life Force of the North Atlantic!

Arctic Ruby Oil - Marine Oil from Calanus

Arctic Ruby® Oil

Marine Oil from Calanus

Possibly the world's most precious marine oil comes from a sea organism Calanus finmarchicus found off the coast of Norway,---a sea organism...

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Support Your Immune System

Immutol Beta Glucan Supplement


Beta Glucan Supplement

Our exclusive immune system supporting Immutol®, made with highly purified Norwegian Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan, is the most powerful immune system supporting agent...

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Advanced Probiotic

A Healthy gut is vital for a healthy immune system! 80% of your mucosal immune system is located in your digestive track. To get the most...

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Immutol Nasal Cleansing Spray with Beta Glucan

IMMUTOL® Nasal Spray

Beta Glucan Sinus Health

Your nasal passage is the primary “entry point” for virtually everything that can wreak havoc on your health. That’s why it’s lined with your...

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Immutol Beta Glucan Supplement

Immunity Trifecta

Immunity for Life® Kit

Win the Trifecta with our Immunity for Life Kit. By utilizing daily all of our immune supporting products you will be able to ensure...

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Get Younger Acting Skin®

Immuderm Beta Glucan Skincare


Beta Glucan Skincare

Let Immuderm® help give your skin the power to mend and defend against the age producing effects of stress, sun, smoke, and other environmental assualts...

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Immuderm Skin Brightening Serum

Skin Brightening Serum

Skin Tone

An ultra-light serum designed to increase the luminosity of skin by reducing the appearance of age-related hyperpigmentation.

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Immuderm Wrinkle Defense Cream

Advanced Wrinkle Defense Cream


Increases skin's elasticity to visibly diminish the appearance of existing lines, improves skin’s ability to retain hydration.

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Immuderm Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

Under Eyes

Age-fighting blend stimulates collagen production, firms and strengthens the skin around the eyes and enhance circulation.

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Immuderm Ointment Beta Glucan Skincare

IMMUDERM® Ointment

Beta Glucan Skincare

Contains 5% NBG—100 times more—to boost epidermal immunity and provide concentrated protection for those problem areas!

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Save 50%When You Buy the Complete Skincare System
Immuderm Skincare System

Immuderm® Advanced

Complete Skincare System

You can purchase each product in the skincare system individually and every product will live up to its claim. However, you’ll only...

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Awaken the Viking Within

Energy, Strength, Stamina, and Virility Are All Within You.



Male Supplement

Think of the Vikings and you imagine courageous warriors manning their Longships heading for lands unknown, ready for any...

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